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Sunday, 5 December 2021

Australian Conservative Monthly Christmas 2021 Edition

 What’s Been Happening this Month

JK Rowling of Hogwarts fame has cast a spell over the trans fascists after being doxed for the memorable joke People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?’

Scomo wants submarines for Christmas. Or maybe just a plan to make submarines. Or maybe a non-binding plan to form a committee to come to an agreement to transfer technology to maybe build something that will be operational by the time he is dead or in an old people’s home. Strong!


Meanwhile Australia simply needs to purchase some capable off-the shelf diesel electric submarines to patrol our shallow northern waters. It really isn’t rocket science.

Scomo has also been busy at the latest climate change meeting where is it proposed that an unelected global technocracy determine (by mechanisms complex and opaque) the availability and price of food, fuel, and essential goods. I seem to have heard that idea before somewhere. Now where was that?……’soviet’ something or other. Anyway it goes like this. Your income is taxed. There is a tax on petrol so in effect everything you buy is twice taxed. Then you pay a goods and services tax on everything you buy. So you are triple taxed. Under a ‘climate change net zero action double plus good action plan’ you will now be taxed four times on everything.

Sustainable Carbon Neutral Transport


But do not be alarmed! There is low inflation apparently; even though costs are rising, and even if wages are going backwards, the Reserve Bank is keeping interest rates low….for now. Should they increase suddenly for any reason the banks will foreclose on the country. Perhaps then we will ‘own nothing and be happy’. Presumably therefore the people who then DO own everything that we used to own will be terribly miserable, but being public spirited they will take that one for the team.


Rumours abound that the Ms Ghislaine’s guards are having difficulty keeping awake, and yes things are getting a little ….awkward. I am submitting this one for the awkward photograph of the year award.

ABC Watch

Some new episodes of ‘Bluey’ have now been released on the ABC Kids channel.

The following appears to be, more or less, the ABC’s idea of maths.

Speaking of maths, one positive aspect of COVID has been a dramatic uptick in home schooling and a greater awareness among parent of what their little darlings are actually being taught. While lockdown has obviously put relationships under stress, for many families it has brought children and parents closer together.



COVID Corner – my diary for October/November

Adventures with Medicine

COVID became real for me when I had to put on a mask. Anger, denial, bargaining, finally eventually the still small voice: ‘they are frightened. Wear it for them’. Holding back tears I put on the mask. It feels like wearing an arm band, or the uniform of an organisation I didn’t belong to, and it is really hard to breathe. When I arrive at work it is chaos and I am shortly sent back to work from home.


After being refused medical advice point blank, my wife and I had been up late finding treatment options (prophylaxis), trying to buy medicine, and working out how to apply the Dr McCullough, Dr Zelenko, and FLCCC protocols to our specific needs. Thereafter the medicines we bought were promptly lost by Australia Post who on further enquiry sent us a picture showing that they had been delivered to the most derelict house in the area. Unsure what goes on there, but strongly suspecting drug dealing, I head out in a coat that makes me look bigger than I am while trying to feel tougher than I am, to politely ask for our nutraceuticals back. What could possibly go wrong?


But first I swing by the corner shop to get the paper. It is staffed by two young Chinese ladies. There has been a recent influx of Chinese migrants to the area which grates on me given that China is systematically buying up strategic assets, undermining our economy, corrupting our politics, stealing our intellectual copyright, and threatening us militarily. On the other hand, these are hard-working young people and who can blame them for wanting to get the hell out of China?


I put the paper on the counter and ask ‘where is the manager?’ ‘He no here, he stay home during pandemic’. I smile with my eyes. ‘Isn’t he an essential worker?’ She giggles ‘no, we do all the work. He no essential!’ we laugh behind our masks.


I head up the road in my car with mask off. The street is grey and deserted but for a single lady walking her dog. She is wearing a mask on a deserted street. She looks at me driving my car with the windows up on the opposite side of the street unmasked. Her eyes are fearful. Is this what it feels like at the start of a war?


I find the house, open the rusty gate walk through the waist high grass past random pieces of strewn soft furnishings and knock on the door. A curtain pulls back revealing a frightened face and closes again. I wait for a while then knock again. The face reappears, resigns itself to the fact that it must leave the couch and shuffles to the door. ‘Tiff’ tells me that he hasn’t got my vitamins but he never leaves the house and buys everything on-line. Looking at his pallor I believe him. Consequently his letter box is frequently robbed, he says. Tiff was living in lockdown before there was lockdown.


He sounds-off about the fool that spread COVID and caused the lockdown. I resist the temptation to point out that it was the government that caused the lockdown. No one else can. I offer him $20 if he can ‘find’ my vitamins but he insists he doesn’t have them. Two days later they appear in a bag tied to our letter box with a note from Tiff. Apparently he found them on the road verge. Perhaps he ventured outside after-all. I buy him a box of chocolates and knock on his door again. He is even less happy to see me than last time, but he takes the chocolates. Covid separates us but it also make strange connections.


Anticipating lockdown we have been busy with medical appointments. My doctor has already refused to discuss COVID and referred me to the national treatment guidelines for GPs. It essentially says that patients should be sent home with a Panadol to die. It does however acknowledge the value of monoclonal antibodies but prevents doctors from administering them. The doctor/patient relationship has been severed for COVID and only specific respiratory specialists can administer monoclonal antibodies which any nurse could if s/he were allowed to. On further enquiry we discover that there are three of these specialists for a population of over half a million.


Meanwhile my wife found an integrative GP who is part of a leading medical practice in our city, and who is all over this stuff. He is suing the government for promoting the jab on TV. Apparently it is illegal to advertise medicine. He also wants to be able to prescribe Ivermectin and is suing to be allowed to prescribe it. He is pro-vaccine but has been inundated with COVID vaccine injured patients that other GPs don’t want to see and won’t report as vaccine injured. He is livid. There are no medical guidelines for the treatment of vaccine injury. He is also trying to put together a class action so that his vaccine injured patients are recorded as vaccine injured. Three weeks later his medical licence is with withdrawn for refusing the jab. Doubtless that will affect his legal standing in the cases he is trying to bring.


His patients have nowhere to go. He and three other experienced doctors at the practice are out of a job. They have that in common with over 170 hospital nurses and who knows how many allied health professionals who just lost a class action against dismissal for refusing vaccination. I visit one of these nurses who is now starting a cleaning business. ‘If I go back to work I will be arrested’ she says. This is what other nurses are saying.


A couple of weeks later I go for a long drive to visit a friend. An older experienced GP is also visiting, except that he is an ex-GP. He has also refused the jab and his large rural catchment with an ageing population is now without a medical clinic. He affirms the FLCCC treatment protocols and the efficacy of Ivermectin. The horse paste is OK apparently so long as you get the dosage right which is where some people have come unstuck. The conversation turns to what to do if we can’t buy food. There are rumours of food shortages next year due to supply chain disruptions and of a release of small pox. I would like to dismiss these rumours off-hand, but in all the circumstances things that would once not be considered by reasonable people, should now be considered.


Children in the Firing Line

Back on-line I discover the US Government is now pushing vaccination on children as young as 5 years old. Already Australia is pushing for vaccination of 12 year olds. These kids are not at risk from COVID. They are at risk from the vaccine. Paediatric wards are now seeing heart attacks and strokes in young children post vax. I have studied the law of murder. Second degree murder is ‘doing an act that the accused knew or ought to have known, was likely to cause death.’ Any doctor worth their salt ought to know that injecting young children with Pfizer is an act likely to cause death. I post an article online and am promptly pilloried.


Put on Notice

A couple of days later I get an email from my head of Department. Essentially it says that everyone has to be vaccinated by 15 December 2021 or face dismissal if the relevant health directions are made. I may be out of a job in three weeks. My wife is a school teacher but she can’t go back to work either…because she isn’t vaccinated. We also can’t go to a wedding, take the kids to see their interstate grandparents, or enter a shop in NSW.


The communication from head office does not contemplate that a person could (like eighty per cent of people do) catch COVID and have life-long natural immunity which is demonstrable by an anti-body test. Natural immunity is over 20 times superior to the vaccine. It doesn’t matter if you are immune, you still have to get jabbed.

Freedom Goes Global

That weekend 450 thousand people are on the streets of Melbourne and hundreds of thousands of others showed up in capital cities around the country, and millions show up around the world. Globally the protests are massive and almost completely ignored by the ABC. It is heartening to see both vaccinated and unvaccinated marching side by side for fundamental freedoms. Despite all the efforts to divide us into warring factions the community has come together in a remarkable way. We are witnessing a moment in history. Fascism is on the rise; the real fascism. Not a bunch of guys with BBQ candles but what Mussolini defined as ‘the unity of State and corporate power’.

Meanwhile the lower house of the Victorian Parliament has approved a law that allows the Premier to arbitrarily detain anyone for any amount of time who he considers to be a health risk, and to declare a ‘suspected pandemic’ and then effectively impose martial law. As I write the law hinges on one vote in the upper house.

Another Stolen Generation?

Not to be outdone, the Northern Territory has deployed the Australian army to cart people off in trucks to a detention centre for being suspected of having COVID. The Territory Government is at pains to point out that they are Aboriginal so that makes it OK because it is for their own good, and any criticism is only the result of foreign conspiracy theories.

The entire country spent a decade grappling with the stolen generation before the Prime Minister Rudd gave a heart-felt apology on behalf of the nation….and now we are hauling them off again. Apparently Indigenous people in the Territory have low immunity and so must be locked up. It is a frightening logic. Elderly people have low immunity. Practicing homosexuals frequently have compromised immunity. Cancer sufferers have low immunity. Who will they lock up next?  I suspect that all members of ‘Reignite Democracy’ will shortly be discovered to have compromised immunity too….

Unsurprisingly the Army publishes a rebuttal. They are only helping. Indigenous people want to be moved etc. What happens if they don’t? Paint it anyway you like but martial law is martial law and sometimes the small print gives it away.

The ADF has now been empowered or authorised to conduct any law enforcement activities.

Meanwhile, the territory is expecting a potential surge in cases after an infected Binjari woman snuck past police on Tuesday night and fled to Katherine…

This is the plea from First Nations Peoples in respect of those matters. Decide who you believe.

In contra distinction police officers, having seen the abuse of power at ground level, are resigning and speaking out.


Cognitive Dissonance

Meanwhile there is an expectation that the worst is over and we can all go back to normal. Weddings are back. There is nothing to worry about. It is only a handful of “anti-vaxxers” who are wrecking everyone’s fun. The cognitive dissonance is extreme.

For a small amount of sanity I head over to LifeSite news and listen to Dr McCulloch. He is suing a medical journal for refusing to publish his study reporting on the vaccination risk to children. Dr McCullough is a conservative doctor, pro vaccine, quotes government statistics and sticks to the science. If he has any conspiracy theories he keeps them to himself. He is also a leading cardiologist, treating physician, academic physician, and pioneer of COVID treatment protocols. He is livid that there are vaccine clinics on every corner but no clinics providing monoclonal anti-body treatment, no official treatment protocols, no proper academic review of the data on vaccine effectiveness or injury, and a ban on HCQ and ivermectin both of which are life-saving medicines when correctly used in combination with other things.


He is being de-platformed and stripped of his titles and employment. Perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars have something to do with current events, like banning ivermectin, and why the great successes in India are not being reported, or the success of the Swedish model. Who really decides these things?


Buying ammunition at my local dealer I can’t help reflecting on the War. I mean the last big one. Perhaps it’s the rows of guns. If only half of Hitler’s six million holocaust victims had owned a fire arm they would have outnumbered the German army considerably and perhaps the name ‘Hitler’ would be just a footnote to the glorious history of the Weimar Republic.


Facing the potential end of my career I decide to look deeper into the vaccines. Perhaps I got it wrong?


Back to the Science

Pfizer and Moderna work by altering the RNA genetic code in your body cell so that the cells are instructed to build the spike protein that surrounds the virus. Let’s pause there for a moment. COVID is a family of naturally occurring viruses. What makes COVID SARS II deadly is the genetic modifications made to the spike protein on the outside of the virus. These spike proteins can now unlock the lining of the cell wall allowing the virus to enter the cell and then replicate. That’s what makes you sick and in some instances kills you. Once you get the jab your body makes the spike protein and then your immune system detects the protein and begins coding anti-bodies. In this way you already have some immunity when you meet the real virus. That is how the vaccines reduce symptoms.


However, the spike protein is itself a pathogen. Whereas conventional vaccines that use a dead virus or part of a virus that stays in the shoulder, the mRNA generated spike protein travels throughout the body. It crosses the blood/brain barrier, enters the brain, and also accumulates in the sexual organs. Wherever it goes it causes clotting and information. That is why healthy people are dying of strokes and heart attacks. It can also cause devastating neurological injury. There are many references on this. Here is one


Given those evident risks, the fact that we are still in the clinical trial phase and the vaccines are being rolled out under an emergency approval, and given the scale of a global roll-out, one would imagine great scrutiny has gone into what is in the vaccines and how they work. Hhmmm…nope. Knowledge of the contents of the Pfizer vaccine has just copped a 55 year ban. That is longer than most official secrets including spies and nuclear military secrets.


This is what Pfizer does inside the human body.

This is what it looks like under a microscope when in contact with human blood cells.


So the more jabs you get, the more spike protein you get, the more damage you get, and the greater your risk of injury or death. What these proteins do in the developing brains and organs of toddlers and young children is unknown, but giving them regular injections, perhaps for years to come, is self-evidently risking mass injury and death.


Someone tells me that Astra Zeneca is more like a conventional vaccine, as is Moderna. According the government COVID fact sheet there is a four in one million chance of me dying from the AZ vax. I ring a lawyer friend in Sydney who tells me of three people she knows who dropped dead within two weeks of getting the AZ jab and another who was hospitalised. That makes four. One previously perfectly healthy man died bleeding from every orifice. Any suggestion of vaccine injury was dismissed. It was “sudden onset leukaemia” they said. The fact is, people are dropping dead all over the place. Novovax apparently works more like a conventional vaccine but it is a new product and finding information as to the risk profile is difficult.


But there is good news. An Australian inventor Professor Nikolai Petrovsky just developed Australia’s first successful vaccine in 40 years.


From the Spectator:

In any approximation of a normal world, he would be feted as the living incarnation of the government’s much trumpeted aspiration to be an ‘innovation nation’. Instead, he has been stood down by his university and threatened with arrest if he sets foot in his office. Why? For refusing to be immunised with one of the vaccines approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

It’s ironic. Petrovsky was immunised with his own vaccine more than a year ago. Recently concluded phase III trials show it is far safer than any vaccine approved by the TGA and better at preventing infection with and transmission of the Sars-Cov-2 virus. This week, the TGA recognised the Chinese Sinopharm and the Indian Covaxin vaccines as effective. Yet the TGA refuses to look at Petrovsky’s Australian vaccine until he pays a fee of $350,000.

Actually they are asking for one million dollars. Check out the GoFundMe page here.

Rants and Reflections

Perhaps these connections have something to do with that. A friend in Queensland rings me. He is in upper middle-management in Telstra and is about to lose his job for refusing the vax. He knows a 12 year old boy who had to be resuscitated in ER from a heart attack 30 minutes after getting the Pfizer jab.


Reflecting on this I post the following on Facebook:

So back when we followed science we had three weeks to flatten the curve. Remember? Then we had vaccination for high risk adults, then 70 per cent vax. Then 80 per cent. Then 90 per cent. Then mandatory vaccinations for certain professions. Then mandatory vaccinations for everyone. Then first, second, third and fourth jabs. Then vaccination to 18+, then 12+, now 5+. Next will be babies. We are already injecting pregnant mothers. People are dropping dead. People are committing suicide because they can't live with the side effects. People are crippled for life. It will be two decades before we know how many people we have sterilised. No one wants to know about that. They are 'unpeople'. Mostly their death and injury is not reported because "vaccines are safe" so it couldn't be that.... We are not allowed to know what is in the vaccines because that is commercial in confidence, we can't sue for injury because the manufacturer is immune from liability, and we are still in the trial phase so no results are guaranteed, and in fact they have no benefit to most people. Does your health insurance cover vaccine injury?.....


Yes, it’s a rant, but an informed rant and I don’t care any-more. Last night I went to a meeting of the Australian Federation Party (Tasmania) of which I am branch secretary. We have an aspiring candidate in the form of Dr Steve Hindley who has just been struck off for refusing the jab and is mad as hell about it; mad enough to speak at rally’s, renounce his UK citizenship, and run for Senate. 


I ask him what his personal reasons are for refusal. He repeats what I already know about the mRNA vaccine and insists that it is a bioweapon. He says that the body has a natural defensive mechanism against foreign genetic material which mechanism also detects and defends against cancer. The vaccines turn this off in order to get the mRNA material into the cells. Consequently the vaccines remove the body’s natural defences against cancer. He predicts a cancer epidemic in the next 2-5 years.


If that proves to be correct it will be interesting to see what stories are made up to cover for this. My guess is that a new ‘double plus ungood’ strain of COVID will be discovered that ..wait for it…Waaait…causes cancer. The unvaccinated will be to blame. Pleasingly, the United Australia Party are campaigning hard against lockdown and mandatory vaccination. There is also the Informed Medical Options Party.


Meanwhile the ABC is quietly climbing down from its support for Zero COVID and admitting without saying it, that vaccination does not work.


Driving home I am reminded of a book I read as a child called ‘Watership Down’. Essentially it is an essay on leadership but the plot concerns a community of rabbits that flee disaster and migrate in search of a place to start again. Along the way they join a community of rabbits who enjoy the good life. A local farmer regularly supplies carrots and they have no predators. However there is a strange sadness that pervades the community. Over time they notice that rabbits seem to just disappear. Once they disappear their names are never mentioned and their entire previous existence is denied. Eventually they find the reason. The rabbits are trapped and taken by the farmer. The entire community knows this, but to admit it would mean giving up their comfortable living and their carrots. Right now, the vaccine dead and injured are the disappearing rabbits.


Meanwhile there are few people remaining who genuinely look forward to getting the jab. Almost everyone is making hard choices about work, travel, relationships, and health. They are difficult choices and no one’s choices should be judged harshly. They are divisive because they hit up against deeply held schemas and world views. Can we trust experts? Should we obey the government? How to assess competing claims? How much personal responsibility should a person take, and to what extent should we go along with things? What sources should we listen to? Can the government, media and medical establishment all be wrong at the same time? If they are, what are the implications of that? Are we witnessing a failure of our institutions? How does a person manage their own risk profile?


I will only say that those who thought they could just get vaccinated and then be left alone and go back to normal, they are like Jordan Peterson, going to be very disappointed.


Quote of the Month

I can guarantee freedom of speech. I cannot guarantee freedom after speech. -  Idi Amin


The Sealed Section (for God Botherers and the Curious)

To everything there is a time

Perhaps now would be a good time to share a message on hope. All things pass but faith, hope and love abide. The author shares here from 33:20.



Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Australian Conservative Monthly – Special COVID Edition


Where are we and how did we get here?

As the country reaches social and economic breaking point we are beset by multiple competing claims about all aspects of this disease. Some are wildly unlikely. That some of the most outlandish theories come from the conspiratorial side of the internet is not surprising. However, many of the craziest claims emanate from governments and regulatory agencies. Thus for example, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) which has been used throughout the world as an anti-malarial by millions of people for decades, and whose positive prophylactic properties in combating COVID are attested to in over 250 studies, is restricted because “it causes heart attacks”.


If you feel that you are living in the twilight zone, it is because you are. We are under sustained physical, economic, spiritual, and psychological attack. The unease you feel about illogic, lies, unreason, and blatant fear mongering is valid. You are not alone. You are sane.


To understand the present we must understand the past. Let us therefore step out the ‘what and when’. The following is the summation of 18 months of observation and research. You may reject or question some statements. Scepticism is good, but time is limited and readers do not want to trawl through hundreds of pages of research. I refer you to previous editions, and if you are not convinced of something, that is fine. Just move onto the next point. If 20 per cent of the following is in error I apologise, but note that the truth ratio will still far exceed that of the mainstream media. So here goes:

Every major developed country has or is part of a bio-warfare program. During the Cold War, US spending on bio-war was roughly equivalent to the cost of the Manhattan project; it was just more secret. One of the thousands of dangerous pathogens the US studied, manipulated and stored, is COVID.


Research on COVID at Fort Detrick was controversial due to the extremely contagious nature of the virus, and the scientific community pressured Dr Fauci who was involved in funding the research, to desist. This did not avail until then President Obama stepped in and halted the program. Undeterred, Dr Fauci shifted research to Canada and China in the new built class 4 bio warfare lab in Wuhan Province.


China’s ‘Thousand Talents’ program of intellectual theft extended to smuggling a COVID virus to Wuhan from the Canadian lab. Funding for the research at Wuhan was channelled by Dr Fauci from the United States through an intermediary company ‘Eco Health Alliance’ headed by one Dr Daszak. As part of the Chinese ‘advanced research program’ the COVID program was immune from all scrutiny. In that environment Chinese researchers engineered the ‘spike protein’ on the virus to make if fatal. In fact, Daszak was part of a much broader secretive network attempting extremely dangerous research on COVID. This was the first part of a bigger program to similarly ‘enhance’ the MERS virus.


Had that been done and escaped it is likely that every third person on earth would now be dead.


The Chinese failed to maintain security at the lab and the earlier fears of the viral/immunology research community were realised with an escape of the novel enhanced virus. We don’t know exactly when this took place.


Chinese whistle blower Wei Jingsheng was getting concerning reports in October 2019. US intelligence has suggested an earlier date is possible but they were aware of a leak in November 2019. Whatever the date, Chinese authorities quickly spread a story about an outbreak at a market some tens of kilometres away and failed to sound the alarm.


That story was amplified by Mr Daszac, Dr Fauci and others in the West. As the outbreak spread within China, doctors and scientists within the country working at the front lines began to sound the alarm. They rapidly died or disappeared. A young researcher in Hong Kong fled to the United States claiming with certainty that the virus was genetically enhanced. Meanwhile a terabyte of data disappeared from laboratory and other research records. By the time World Health Organisation (WHO) investigators appears at the Wuhan Institute of Virology the data was missing. That, and the fact that China indirectly funded the mission, explains why WHO investigators spent only two hours on site and failed to find anything.


The Chinese authorities continued to offer false assurances until such a time as they knew the virus had spread to Europe and the United States. That was, in and of itself, an act of war. Their more suspicious Asian neighbours, Taiwan and Singapore, acted immediately on the assumption that the CCP were lying and implemented controls. Meanwhile, China bought up the global supply of PPE.


Event 201

In mid-October 2019, around the time that COVID escaped the lab in Wuhan, the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ hosted Event 201. The event brought together the World Health Organisation (largely funded by China), the World Economic Forum (a loose consortium of big corporate interests and influencers), and others, to game plan a global COVID pandemic. That plan has since been followed with some precision. Key to the plan was early control of the narrative. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation denies any connection to the current pandemic. They are however heavily invested in vaccines.


This was not the first time that wealthy and powerful people had considered the potential of a pandemic. In 2010 the Rockerfeller Foundation had also conducted a planning exercise for a global pandemic with the ‘Global Business Network’. It predicted that citizens would willingly give up their sovereignty to controlling governments but would this would eventually lead to civil unrest (page 18).

US Election

The US election was held in November 2019. China’s ‘hidden mace’ strategy was put into action. We don’t know with certainty what ‘hidden mace’ refers to but there is substantial evidence of Chinese theft of votes from Trump to Biden via the ‘Dominion’ voting machines.  We also know that lockdown facilitated mail voting which was run as a vote stealing racket. The US election will be covered in depth in a future edition. On taking office Biden proceeded to harm the US economy through lockdowns and made Dr Fauci into a health Czar with near dictatorial powers, more or less rescinding the constitution. See previous edition for further details. Biden seems to be doing all within his power to foster a civil war. China will be the only beneficiary of such a conflict.


Vaccines vs Treatment

One would think that, faced with a nasty global virus, there would be a concerted government led effort to find any form of available treatment that might help. A year and a half into the pandemic, this has still not occurred. Big pharma was very happy to step into the gap with vaccines. There is nothing wrong with that. The normal path for a vaccine is this:

1.      isolate the virus

2.      develop an inert copy/dead virus/part of virus as an experimental vaccine and conduct animal trials

3.      depending on the results move to controlled human trials with informed consent paying close attention to the results

4.      after 2-3 years of studying this group against controls, make an initial determination of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine

5.      apply for interim approval to market, and continue development and monitoring

That never happened

To this day millions of people who get the jab think that this is what they are getting. They are wrong. In the US and EU developers instead adopted a novel untested technology called ‘messenger RNA’. That technology re-programs the RNA genetic code in your cells to manufacture the same toxic and deadly spike proteins that were engineered in the laboratory in Wuhan. Those spike proteins can travel throughout the body, cross the blood brain barrier, and accumulate in the sexual organs. Wherever they go, they cause blood clotting, tissue scaring, and inflammation. The body then mounts an immune system response to the spike protein. In other words, your body is now genetically altered to attack a protein that it makes. It doesn’t take a genius to see the potential for miscarriage, heart disease, neurological disorders, and fertility.


This technology was waived through without normal trials and unleashed on a population who thought they were getting a normal vaccine. In fact, they were being used as test subjects in a global genetic experiment. This is a breach of medical ethics, human rights, and the Nuremburg code. It is illegal under US Federal law unless there is:

a)     a pandemic; and

b)     no other available treatment.


Conveniently, the WHO had already altered their definitions in order to declare a pandemic, but there were at that time other treatments available. They included HCQ as a prophylactic, and monoclonal antibodies as treatment. However, acknowledging the existence of effective treatments/prophylaxis, and developing treatment protocols, would have posed a threat to vaccine profits, and significantly weakened the case for harsh lockdown measures.

Those doctors and medical academics looking into treatment soon found themselves de-platformed, threatened, ignored, and vilified. One French doctor was put under house arrest. A double standard quickly emerged. Any proposed treatment or prophylactic, no matter how successful in observational studies, now had to meet the gold standard of medical research, including for example double blind trials. The novel mRNA vaccine technology on the other hand, was simply waived through.


Australia Abandons Public Health

In early 2020 Australia began to make faltering steps at formulating a public health policy. We would lock down, control the spread of the contagion so hospitals were not overwhelmed, vaccinate the most at risk groups, reach natural herd immunity, and move on. It was a rational scientific policy and was promptly abandoned. In lockstep with the rest of the world, Australia changed its policy to instead get a needle into every arm by any means necessary. Lockdowns have been the blunt instrument to break people financially and psychologically so they comply with this dictate. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TPA) took their que and banned effective treatments, including recently, Ivermectin. There is no charitable explanation for this.


World Economic Forum (WEF)

Let’s now visit mid-2020. The grand sounding ‘World Economic Forum’ appears to be associated with the ‘Davos Forum’, a loose network of wealthy and powerful class interests. These are essentially the same interests that have profited from shifting money and manufacturing to China and impoverishing the Western world working class. During the early stages of global lockdown Mr Klause Schwab of the WEF infamously stated “you will own nothing and you will be happy.” In June 2020 at their 50th annual convention hosted by Prince Charles, the WEF declared that the pandemic was an opportune time to declare the ‘Great Reset’.  Stripped of the noble sounding verbiage, the ‘Great Reset’ is essentially everything that liberty minded ‘conspiracy theorists’ had been warning about for years; a centrally controlled world with a handful of people at the top controlling the world’s resources and people. Unsurprisingly, Bill Gates was also in attendance. This built on earlier work including for example Agenda 21. The policies put in place ostensibly in response to COVID closely align with the policy objectives of the WEF, notably the destruction of small business and economic independence, creation of a total surveillance society, and ‘lockstep’ control of nation states.


Trusted News Initiative

Oddly some people did not share the WEF vision or appreciate its new found impact on their lives. Expert voices questioning the narrative were starting to be heard. To counter this disturbing trend, national broadcasters and global media corporations agreed between themselves and with national governments to cease doing journalism only promote one narrative. That is:


‘COVID will kill you and your loved ones unless you are vaccinated. Vaccines are safe and effective. They are the only path out of lockdown. Anyone suggesting anything else is anti-social, mentally suspect, a threat to your very life, and deserving of punishment.’


In the UK the national spy agency GCHQ was engaged to discourage “vaccine hesitancy”. British citizens are now officially targets for black propaganda operations by their spy agency which they pay for with their taxes.

That is why the mainstream media only publish pro-vaccination propaganda and vilify anyone who objects, even going so far as to slander Australian construction workers as Neo Nazis.

Consequently, the intellectual climate is now similar to that of Germany in the 1930’s. In the UK world leading medical journal ‘The Lancet’ published an entirely fraudulent paper which falsely concluded no medical benefit from HCQ. No one lost their job. The modelling used to justify lockdown in the UK was not only found to be equally fraudulent but the author broke his own lockdown recommendations to have an affair with a member of Extinction Rebellion, a hard line Marxist group. None of this changed the policy. Three African presidents who refused to accept the vaccines died shortly afterwards and were replaced with presidents who did accept the vaccines.


The political Left might have been expected to recognise a corporate fascist take-over but did not. Rather, they became unpaid trolls and useful idiots, attacking anyone (including me) who questioned the narrative. While black Africans starved because of lockdown, and minority business went bankrupt around the world, ‘Black Lives Matter’ was nowhere to be seen. Dr Fauci became a darling of the liberal Left.


The New World Order

Perhaps ‘great re-set’ wasn’t strong enough for Australian petty bureaucrats who prefer the term previously promoted by former US President George Bush ‘new world order.’ See examples below. You may need to copy and paste into your browser:

“We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the New World Order”




“We’ve got to accept that this is the New World Order”



What a very strange thing to say if this is about health. What is now clear, is that the world is undergoing a form of mass psychosis. This psychosis has been induced. Ironically the academic term for this is ‘masking’. For a scholarly and helpful discussion of ‘masking’ see this interview.  The masking operation is global.

In that context authorities have abandoned any effort to develop an actual public health policy and have instead headed down the path of creating a dystopian hell hole. Big Pharma now has an unbeatable business model. Everyone in the world is must take their vaccines at a price they determine as many times as they determine. Does it get any better?

Don’t Mention Vaccine Injury

Traditionally, vaccines resulted in extremely rare injuries that are tracked and recorded over time. If you look at vaccine injury data you see a fairly steady line that suddenly does a J curve and heads for the clouds as a result of COVID vaccine injuries. The normal standard for vaccine injury is that a vaccine is taken off the market following around 50 deaths. The US reports around 8000 deaths and many more are reported in Europe. A small price to pay to save millions of lives according to the global narrative. For the record, this is what vaccine injury looks like.

However, all is not as it seems. Reporting is a passive process. No one rings you a week after you get the jab to ask if you are OK. You have already been told that you will be OK. It is not in your mind to consider that if you get suddenly ill or die after the jab it could be caused by the jab. If you (or your surviving relatives) say that it is, you/they will likely be gaslighted. Facebook shut down a vaccine injury group with 250 thousand members. “Let her speak” does not apply to the vaccine injured.


If you want to make the effort to report you must be an accomplished website navigating bureaucratic ninja to get through the reporting system. Not easy with brain fog or serious injury. Once your data is reported, it will likely be dismissed. For some reason regulatory agencies see the onus of proof as being on the person alleging vaccine injury, not the other way around. So confident are regulatory agencies in the safety of COVID vaccines that manufactures and administering doctors have been given statutory immunity from liability. That legal mouthful simply means that if you walk into a clinic, get jabbed, and then collapse with life-long neurological damage, you can’t sue. Problem belong you.


One study has suggested a reporting rate for vaccine injury as low as one per cent in the US. American Frontline Doctors citing a “CDC whistle blower” allege 45 thousand vaccine deaths in the US and have filed suit to stop vaccination of minors. Dr Malone, who co-invented the technology behind the vaccines and who works with US regulatory agencies, has a number of things to say about data collection and analysis failure within regulatory agencies (see below at 1:15).


As of now, we really have no idea what the real rate of vaccine injury is but it is obviously far higher that the official reports. For the record, this is what the vaccine does within your body. Were you told?


Consequently there is no such thing as informed consent because we don’t know


Recently 600 students at my former high school were vaccinated. Four developed myocarditis and at least one was hospitalised. None of this was repeated in the press. A perfectly healthy you man in the bloom of youth and at no risk from COVID is now injured for life. He is my baby sitter’s brother.


Meet the Rebel Alliance

Faced with mass popular psychosis, gaslighting, ever changing goal posts, academic double standards, and non-reporting of data, it has fallen to treating physicians to form their own dissident associations or speak out on their own. They include:

Frontline Doctors

Front Line Critical Care Alliance

The Great Barrington Declaration

COVID Global Summit

Australia’s ‘COVID Medical Network’



Dr McCullough

If anyone is confused about COVID vaccination, home treatment, and related issues, please invest an hour and a half of your life listening to this presentation (click on the video) by world leading physician Dr McCullough.


Dr Yeadon

For an impassioned and expert scientific view, watch this interview with former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Scientist for allergy and respiratory research, Dr Michael Yeadon.


Dr Malone

Dr Malone was a key person in the development of the mRNA technology used in the vaccines. He speaks favourably of the future potential of mRNA treatments but is outspoken against using this technology in the current manner against COVID. There are many interviews available on the internet. See particularly at 35:00 and 1:05.


Narrative in Crisis

Nature does not care what you think. The reality of highly contagious respiratory viruses is that they WILL move through the population. To suggest that they can be eliminated through lockdown is absurd. People will die. The population will achieve natural immunity. The virus will mutate and make more people sick. This will continue indefinitely. Both Singapore and Norway have declared COVID an endemic disease because it now is. Our grand children’s children will be living with some variant of this virus. After close to two years of lockdowns and restrictions this is becoming evident. We can no more get to ‘Zero COVID’ than King Canute could hold back the tide.

Vaccination may have saved lives but it has not stopped the virus. In Israel with around 80 per cent of the adult population vaccinated, many for the third time, the virus continues to make vaccinated people sick.


The requirement for second, third and fourth booster shots is simply an acknowledgement that vaccination has failed. Worse, the shot allows persons to carry a high viral load and impedes the development of natural immunity. Consequently it is the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated, who are the new ‘super spreaders’.


If vaccination and lockdowns don’t work, why are we punishing people into getting vaccinated while denying medicine to the sick?


What Happens Now

The current policy has created a perfect storm. Poverty kills. By destroying the economy and preventing early diagnosis and treatment of other conditions, lockdowns are killing people, and people are killing themselves in despair.


Lockdowns have prevented people from getting life-long natural immunity and have also compromised their immune system. Vaccination allows them to carry a higher viral load and speeds the rate of mutation. In the near future a weakened population will be hit with a mutated virus. That will be used to justify more booster shots and more social destruction. The booster shots will cause more death and injury. This will be blamed on the unvaccinated. For the first time in history the failure of a medical procedure will be blamed on those who refused it. “Anti-vaxx” hysteria will be used as an excuse to create a Nazi style two tier society that neatly delineates those who do what the government says and are rewarded, and those who don’t and are punished.


The world is at a fork in the road. We can flatten the curve, treat sickness with medicine, give prophylaxis, develop safe vaccines, and target the vaccines we have to the most at risk groups; or we can destroy our societies only to see COVID continue on unabated.


Staying Well

So perhaps you got the shot. Perhaps you also got your children vaccinated. Did you do the wrong thing? Whatever you did, you did it for the right reasons. It is not your fault that you were not given accurate or adequate information on which to base an important and difficult choice. Sounds a bit like abortion doesn’t it? Somehow ‘safe, legal and rare’ became ‘three abortions for every women before graduating college’. Somehow ‘safe and effective vaccine’ became ‘hold people down and jab them or imprison them in their homes until they submit.’


What we now know is:

·        vaccination is most relevant to those over 60 and those with underlying health disorders. It comes with both risks and benefits.

·        no healthy person under 30 should take a mRNA vaccine

·        no pregnant mother should take a mRNA vaccine

·        the situation for those of us in between is mixed and requires judgment

·        COVID is a mortal risk to approximately one third of one percent of people, and only if untreated

·        around 85 per cent of COVID deaths are avoidable with treatment

·        the Australian Government has effectively banned or restricted treatment

·        natural immunity is still the best defence for low risk groups

·        everyone, vaccinated or not, should have a home treatment plan and access to medicines both for treatment and prophylactic use

·        GPs on the whole are not providing home treatment plans

·        Advice from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners is to administer paracetamol, deny effective life-saving drugs, and let the patient become critically ill then transfer to hospital

·        we no longer have a health policy, we just have a vaccine policy


Home Treatment Resources

Insight Policy has developed a set of resources and home treatment protocols. These are relevant whether you are vaccinated or not. They are based on the clinical experience and peer reviewed publications of Dr McCullough, Dr Zelenko, and the FLCCC.


This is not medical advice.


Study these resources for yourself and discuss with your GP or medical specialist.


Get Smart(er)! - alternative news and information

Rebel news is doing an excellent job reporting events on the ground as they unfold in Australia and in Canada. Sign up to Rebel News!


Quote of the Month

Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe – Jordan Peterson


Final Speculative Note

In bio-warfare an offensive weapon such as a virus is only released if the aggressor has a defence such as a vaccine, or is willing to take proportionate losses. In the case of China vs the US, China has 1.3 billion people and can afford to lose 300 million. If the United Stated loses 300 million it ceases to exist and China takes over the world.