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Erik is a public policy professional and owner of the online training course in democracy and civic action: www.3ptraining.com.au The Blog …explores ways to create a sustainable and just community. Explores how that community can be best protected at all levels including social policy/economics/ military. The Book Erik’s autobiography is a humorous read about serious things. It concerns living in the bush, wilderness, home education, spirituality, and activism. Finding Home is available from Amazon, Barnes&Noble and all good e-book sellers.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Finding Home is Launched

Finding Home

New Release Autobiography

At four years of age Erik emigrated from Britain to the island State of Tasmania with his non-conforming family. After living in the woods the family continued to home educate, helping to pioneer the home education movement in Australia. What followed was a long personal journey to find a place in a society undergoing rapid change. Intense religious experiences and hard edged political activism play out against a backdrop of ongoing conflict over the preservation and destruction of wilderness in one of the world’s special places. This gives a unique insider perspective on alternative education, nature and spirituality, social activism, and national identity. Often humorous, sometimes tragic, this is a very personal story of engaging with public life, about finding the divine in odd places, about social conflict, and about finding in the end those things that hold us together. It is about the strange ways that love finds us. It is a story of finding home.

Finding Home is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all good e-book sellers. 

It can also be puchased from the publisher Authorhouse UK

Alternatively, your local book store can order it by quoting the following ISBN: 978-1-4670-0136-6


  1. A fantastic insight not just into the life of one person but into something of the culture, motivations and thoughts of a Tasmanian generation. A pleasure to read, more thorough thoughts here: http://briggs.id.au/jour/2012/06/finding-home/

  2. That's a beautifully written and balanced review Mr. Briggs, I am extremely impressed!
    Oh, yeah, and congrats to you too Erik for the book ;)