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Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Bus in the Bush

When I was little and we had first migrated to Australia we lived in the woods in a bus and a kombi van. It was a place called McGuires Marsh and you can read about that story in my book. After 30 years I went back there. Nothing had really changed. The bus is still there. I found wild deer, a Tasmanian Devil's den, and wombat holes. Surprised a couple of kangaroos but really there was just sun and wind and clouds and grass and a fast running creek, and gum trees stark against the sky.

I have made a picture essay below.

Turning off towards Osterly and the highlands we encounter newly shawn sheep

Three chimneys tell their own story of ambition and loss at Osterly


The farmhouse where we lived. Still sound but the water tank is gone, the fence is broken down, and the flower garden is no more. Not currently lived in.

The bus we lived in at first is still there - near the creek on the edge of the highlands

The bus is now a little worse for wear but the door still opens

Time for a walk across the hills. This is high sheep country but wild deer are also found here.

This tree has seen some seasons come and go

The view from the top - looking back towards the Wellington range and Hobart

 The farm gate where it all began. This trail leads to the Ouse river.

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