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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Did Obama Create ISIS?

Did Obama create ISIS? No, but he and Hillary certainly support them. So Trump is at least half way right (in the sense of being correct).

The world grieved for the victims of the Orlando massacre and their families but spares little thought for the brown unfortunates caught up in our wars. We are right to grieve, but as always, emotion is a poor substitute for analysis. This massacre was not the result of lax gun laws (though that didn’t help) or homophobia, or a random incidence of mental illness. Out of respect for the dead let’s at least try and join some of the really obvious dots that the media will not.  First clue – Islamic State of the Levant (aka ISIS) has claimed responsibility.  

ISIS attracts psycho’s and killing homosexuals is part of their State policy. They throw them off buildings in territories they conquer. Their territorial success is due to the EU purchasing ISIS oil trafficked through Turkey, and the CIA supplying them with arms and training.

Let’s start with the oil. That black stuff used to belong to Iraq and was protected by Saddam Hussein. It made Iraq a relatively stable, prosperous and modern State. Shortly after Hussein began selling the oil in Euro’s his country got invaded, perhaps a million men, women and children were killed, but the oil was privitised and sold in US dollars. I guess the Iraqi’s got some mirrors and beads but the profits went off-shore, like they do in Australia.

Predicably, Iraq became a failed State so now the oil has been nationalised again – by Islamic State. It is these revenues that have funded their expansion, with oil trucks bumper to bumper to the horizon creating a virtual pipeline to the EU through Turkey. For some reason no one in the US or EU seemed to notice but the Russians did and bombed the whole operation into oblivion. The US and EU have been directing abuse and sanctions at Russia ever since – but that’s another story.
American supplied TOW missile in Syria

So now to the guns. Initially Islamic State armed themselves with Iraqi military inventories captured, or handed over by sympathetic commanders. This included top-line US military equipment gifted to the new government after the war. For reasons that remain mysterious ISIS was allowed to go on a Blitzkrieg and conquer Northern Iraq travelling in convoys under open skies and no one bombed them. FoI documents reveal that the CIA at the time favoured the establishment of a “salifist principality” in the region. One reason was to use this principality to “get rid of Assad” aka the government of another relatively prosperous, stable and modern Arab State, which also maintained national control of its oil and an independent foreign policy.

Americans have now paid many millions of their tax dollars to supply Islamic State with advanced weapons. This policy will accelerate under Clinton. In particular, the American supplied TOW missiles are devastating to Syrian armour and are the main reason why Damascus would have fallen last December but for the Russians.

Meanwhile, though reliable figures are hard to come by, perhaps a quarter of a million Syrians are dead, countless others traumatised, millions displaced, much of the country destroyed, and a generation lost.

The West has sponsored the rise of a power every bit as evil as Hitler and with striking similarities, particularly as regards Jews, Christians, and homosexuals.

ISIS is really an umbrella for around a dozen Jihadist groups that share a common Wahhabi ideology that originates from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is key to American wealth because since the early 1970’s the Kingdom has, by agreement with the US, sold oil only in US dollars. In return they get protection and patronage. For the Americans, this means they can make money by printing money since the world needs US dollars to buy oil. Effectively the US can export inflation and in this way levy an imperial tax on the world. This mechanism has allowed them to create a global military while being technically bankrupt.
Clinton accepting a gift of half a million dollars worth of Jewels from the Saudis - sponsors of Islamic terror

Both the Saudi’s and the Turks back ISIS in Syria. Iran and Hezbollah and Russia are fighting them. Turkey is a NATO member and has opened the door to mass Islamic migration to the EU. The Saudi’s have not been idle. According to public announcements they plan to fund 200 mosques in UK and 200 in Germany (both formerly key Christian nations) to promote Wahabi ideology among the new migrants flooding Europe. Immigration and radicalisation is the reason why M15 report that one million people in Britain have no loyalty to the Crown and why Britain is the #1 supplier of recruits to Al-Qaida.

Al-Qaida is the god child of the Mujahedeen who overthrew a secular leftist government in Afghanistan in the 1970’s with help from the CIA and then defeated the Soviets with help from the CIA. Remember Rambo? Eventually the Afghani’s tired of their cruelty and almost drove them out. Almost. Indeed, the Afghani ‘Northern alliance’ could have done so with a little help from the US, but the Americans sat on their hands while Al-Qaida butchered their way across the country. Then 9/11 happened and an Al-Qaida commander and close friend of the Bush clan, an aristocratic Saudi called Osama bin Laden, claimed responsibility. (Recall that Bush senior was CIA director when Bin Laden was a popular Mujahedeen leader).

The US and their half willing allies invaded Afghanistan looking for Bin Laden but failed to reconstruct the country because the US Neocons led by Bush Junior used 9/11 to justify their pre-determined plan to invade…Iraq. Having been told they were next on the list Iran bogged the Americans down in a gruelling counter insurgency war for years. The Americans all but gave up re-building Afghanistan and resorted to drone strikes which caused mass migrations and de-stabilised Pakistan…..

Then Libyan leader Gadhafi proposed a pan African currency backed by gold and oil to bring development and wealth to the African continent. Within 12 months he was dead, the oil was privitised, and Wahabi militants were running out of control across Libya and much of north Africa. No one has bothered counting the dead, mutilated or maimed. After-all, they were black.

Closer to home Al Qaida franchises, including Laskar Jihad, have burned hundreds of churches and killed thousands of Christians in Indonesia, and claimed responsibility for the Bali Bombings. These groups actively recruit unstable people to their cause. Laskar Jihad also received active support from the Indonesian military including elite unit Kopassus which trains in Australia with our commando’s and carries out atrocities in West Papua/Iryan Jiya. Military figures in Indonesia have referred to Australia as ‘Iryan Selatan’ (South Iryan).

Three failed States with one on the brink, a satanic caliphate, and perhaps two to three million people dead[1] are all grist to the mill of the global privitisation agenda. It seems this tragedy is barely worth a mention by the press, and certainly not worth any public displays of grief.

In pursuing this agenda, the US and its allies have created failed states leading to the rise of militant extremists, and then directly assisted the extremists to further de-stabilise nationalist governments.

Mass migration is now de-stablising the EU, a rival trade and regulatory block to the United States. Coincidence?

This week in America a young man identifying with Islamic State walked into a gay night club and wasted 50 people….oh well.

Perhaps Dr Suess would have something to say about all this. If he was still with us my guess is that he would say this:

I do not want Islamic State

I do not want them on a plate

I do not want them on a boat

I do not want them with a vote

I do not like them on the seas

I do not like them on their knees

I do not want them on a plane

I do not want them on a train

I do not like the CIA

Don’t want to live the ISIL way

I do not want them Sam I Am

I do not want this ISIL scam

Further reading:

[1] Afghanistan 1970 to present – perhaps a million. Iraq 1990 to present – at least a million, perhaps two. Syria a quarter million or so. Libya – who knows? All tragedies ongoing.

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