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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Assad Chemical Attack

Well it turns out you can get in touch with the White House - or at least someone who scans the mail.

You can do so here: 

So I did.

I urge other to as well.

Can't do any harm and more constructive that most of the bitching I see on the web - as tempting as it is to join in.

"Dear Mr President

I write to express my sincere and deep disappointment at your actions and words in destroying a key airfield used by the Syrian forces in the fight against the Islamic Caliphate.

I am (or was) a supporter. I am a church going Christian, a father of three, a university educated civil servant, a conservative, and the owner of an on-line civics training program 3ptraining.com.au I have friends in the US, the UK and Europe.

I have friends who were killed by Wahhabi terrorists in Indonesia, and I was once on an Islamic hit list in Britain. I supported your candidacy because of your oft’ stated policy of fighting the terrorists that the CIA and the Obama administration et al supported.  I also supported your candidacy because of your stated intent to stay out of pointless and costly foreign wars. I urge you to find the courage to stand by these policies again.

Sir, it is extremely unlikely that Assad had any connection to the gas attack. There are many forces in Syria with numerous foreign sponsors any of whom could access poison gas. It is extremely unlikely that pro Assad forces would use gas since they are winning on the ground and have no reason to use WMD; furthermore their WMD stocks were destroyed years ago. More probably, the fact that Assad is winning the ground war has caused the ‘war party’ in Washington and Tel Aviv to panic and create a false flag. There is also the possibility of error and the fog of war. By announcing presumptively, and without evidence, that Assad is responsible you have made yourself and your country a laughing stock. By engaging in an illegal act of aggression in a foreign war, you have betrayed your core support base. People have not forgotten that there were not WMD in Iraq and no babies were pulled from incubators in Kuwait. We don’t believe these lies any more.

Many more children will die in Syria at the hands of the Caliphate if the Caliphate is not destroyed. The Caliphate has deep and growing connections in Europe and the UK and they kill people there too. Please stay the course and stay out of Syria, or at least, bomb the terrorists not the regular Syrian forces.

Sincerely yours"

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