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Monday, 19 February 2018

Three Cheers for Poland

Hhhmm, so according to Australia’s state broadcaster the EU is concerned about the rule of law. Someone better explain that to Julian Assagne who spent years asking prosecutors to interview him on a spurious rape charge but claims the right not to be kidnapped and shipped to a concentration camp. Oh, and apparently the EU is a democratic project – it’s just that France has been in a ‘state of emergency’ for how long? and EUcrats are fine with Islamists marching under ISIS flags and calling for the destruction of the Western civilisation but in the UK street corner preachers are arrested and in France opposing gay marriage can land you in jail for five years.  53 million abortions in the US since Roe v Wade and perhaps a seventh of the population of the UK killed in the womb since legalisation but that’s a win for human rights apparently. Oh, and then there was that little ‘regime change’ that handed Libya to the terrorists, and everyone was OK with genocide of Christians and Yazidis in Syria and butchery on Donbass because that’s all a proxy war with Russia….because, like, war with Russia is a good idea (always worked out well in the past - not). Gosh, imagine people in Poland being upset about that! How dare Poland depart from the secular humanist script for humanity… Oh the horror…
The EU should only ever have been a Northern European currency and customs union with cooperation around consumer and safety standards. It has become a dysfunctional monster that is facilitating the destruction of traditional Europe. If perverts in Brussels begin dictating the social policies and judicial norms of sovereign nations it is time for those nations to leave. Eastern Europe should form its own union starting with free trade agreements with both Russia and the EU. Anything else is just war by other means. Britain's future lies with the Commonwealth. After all, what has continental Europe ever done for Britain apart from provide killing fields for our young men and a playground for the Rich?

...and what would be so terrible about Poland getting along with Russia for a change? Are Russian's inherently evil? Is it because Vlad killed 'our' terrorists in Syria, didn't hand over Crimea to NATO, and defended the territorial integrity of his nation? Is it because Putin is the authoritarian leader of a country that was a lawless basket case 15 years ago and is relatively stable and prosperous now? Is it because he has an 80 per cent approval rating whereas Western 'leaders' struggle to get approval ratings in the high 30's?

Technically Australia is also at war with Russia. The Unites States told us we had to do sanctions so we did. That is technically an act of war. For a country with three operational submarines and less than 60 operational battle tanks and an air force that is not combat capable we are very brave. In foreign policy terms viz the US Australia is like a prostitute who offers her services free of charge.  Let’s hope the Polish revolution heads South. We need it.

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