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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Talkin' About my Generation

With all the talk these days about the hard working, deserving and thrifty baby boomers vs the coffee gulping millennials who have to serve coffee because there are no real jobs any more and they can't afford a house....there was another generation which was my generation.

Now we are fortyish. Some of us have children who are millennials. A lot of us spent 10 years getting over our parent's divorces, or our own, or had careers first, and now we are caring for toddlers while other people's kids are going to Uni and getting married. Our parents are 70 and our kids are 7. We are too tired to be hip and politicians don't notice us. Some of us rode the property wave and some just got dumped.

This is an article from a childhood friend of mine. I also remember taking the last $20 out of the bank and feeling ashamed as I looked at the paper slip. I also remember dressing out of second hand shops, and borrowing lifts because I didn't have a car, and washing other people's cars for cash in my 20s. I also remember my pastor shouting me a plane ticket to go with him to a church plant in North Jakarta, walking the slums and talking with the local people and feeling....rich.

Enjoy this article from Dr Amos PhD.


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