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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Helsinki Trump and Calling off WWIII

As the flurry of lies, disinformation and fake news swirls around a largely constructive meeting between the Presidents of the USA and the Russian Federation, the real news is understood by studying the systematic behaviours of both sides. Germany has ordered the return of all its gold holdings in the USA (some were missing – surprise surprise). Russia has liquidated its US Treasury Bonds.

China and Russia have stockpiled gold to back their currencies with and have built an alternative SWIFT exchange system and an alternative yaun denominated oil futures market. Both countries are integrating the economies of Eurasia via the new Silk Roads project - arguably the most significant development of the 21st century and one steadfastly ignored in the West.
Iran is pulling out of the US dollar for oil trades. Russia and Iran have blocked the US/Israeli attempt to turn Syria into an Islamist hell hole and run through it an alternative gas supply from the ME to Europe. Russia has also stymied the US/Isaeli attempt to seize Crimea and use Ukraine as a base from which to destabilise Russia. Europe is caught between USA sanctions on Russia (which mostly hurt Europe) and the desire of Europe’s (largely unelected) elites to stay part of the US Empire.
Trump may cut them adrift, hence the involvement of GCHQ in trying to destabilise the Trump presidency and the fake news narrative about Russia controlling the US Presidency. In other words, while Russia and China position themselves for a long war (Trade, propaganda, intelligence, proxy-wars and ultimately actual invasion), Trump appears to be calling a truce.  That, frankly is good news.   

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