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Friday, 28 September 2018

Feminists are Right

That is because white males invent, create, solve, build, and modify nature to make life liveable, even comfortable, for women and children. Not all cultures do.

How many patents have come out of Africa (that were not invented by white Zimbabwe or South Africans)?
In any 12 months Israel patents more inventions than the entire Muslim world.
When was the last time a feminist, or any woman, actually invented something real in the physical world (as opposed to hypothetical mental constructs and social movements)?
China has literally stolen its technological development from the West, like Japan did before it. Has either culture achieved any fundamental breakthroughs in science in the last 500 years?
Empirically, a truly multi-cultural, feminist, equal society would atrophy and regrade very quickly because there would be no motive force to move it forward, sans empowered patriarchal males. By ‘patriarchal’ I mean ‘care enough to want to protect and provide for their mates and offspring’.
Of course, I could be wrong. Perhaps the reason the modern world was created by white men from Judeo/Christian cultures is because they selfishly didn’t give anyone else a chance. If it wasn’t for colonialism and male oppression everyone else would have got there too, right?
Women were relegated to the home and would have invented, created and built if they had been given the opportunity, no?
Hhmm. That argument would be a lot more convincing if the people making it were actually making things. You know, practical stuff like wiring houses, fixing motor cars and inventing anything more complex than an e-com website or a grant application. To a womyn, those making this argument work in humanities faculties, administration, or the caring professions. They are not scientists, trades, or workers in industry. Nor are their daughters flocking to be car mechanics, geologists, builders or engineers. Lawyers and doctors, yes. Engineers and chemists, no. Despite there being no objective barriers to career entry* and positive discrimination here and there, overwhelmingly women choose other professions and do not patent inventions. There are praiseworthy exceptions of course, but they are exceptions. This is so even among the most highly education, wealthiest and empowered Clinton supporting womyn.
After all, creativity has many drivers but one of them is competition, which is a very male value.
These are factual observations in the real world, not a moral judgements. Frankly an all female motor mechanic business sporting nice d├ęcor and exhibiting communication skills would make an absolute killing financially. There are vast opportunities for women in traditionally male industries. Go girls!....um, girls??? There is one licensed plumber in my State. There are no electricians. I have met one female car mechanic in 30 years.
All I am saying is let’s build up and include, not exclude and tear down:
  • Individualism
  • Freedom
  • White men
  • Motherhood
  • Femininity
  • Christianity
  • Rationality
  • Western Civilisation
But hey, that's me.
*there may well be gender based barriers to career progression though this is far from universal.

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