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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Genderless Birth Certificates - Letter to Parliamentarians

Dear Legislative Council Member

I am writing a heartfelt request that you do all that is necessary to ensure that Tasmanian births must be registered according to their biological gender.

I am a parent of three, a former Greens supporter, and a public servant with over 20 years experience in public policy development and administration. I am well acquainted with the personal and policy issues around non-heterosexuality and sexual dysphoria.

The removal of biological gender from birth certificates should be opposed for the following reasons:

It is Unnecessary

A simple provision allowing persons who have attained the age of majority to alter their birth certificate to a third option is all that is required to cater to the needs of a very small number of people who experience genuine and abiding conflict between their biological gender and their sense of self. Removing gender entirely has clearly nothing to do with transgender people, but is part of a political agenda as explained below. It should also be noted that ‘transgenderism’ is currently a parenting fad that is being pushed by the radical Left via the ‘Safe Schools (sic) Program’ that encourages confused teenagers to make permanent life choices which many will regret in later life, and to do so without the knowledge or consent of their parents. For that reason any change relating to gender should not be legal until the person reaches adulthood.

It is Unpopular

Most people identify with and by their biological gender. There has been no plebiscite to suggest otherwise. The fact that the radical Left have strategically and successfully captured key positions of influence and power does not alter the good sense of ordinary people. This scenario has already played out in Ontario Canada where the radical Left and the LGBT took power and imposed their anti-gender ideology. That government was recently thrown out because the public rejected those policies. As a politician take note!

It is Unfair

A birth certificate is the foundational document that established identity in this country. Gender identity is an important component of establishing identity. There is an international push to abolish gender on birth certificates. If adopted in this country, nearly 25 million people would be disadvantaged to supposedly benefit a handful of individuals of suffer gender identity confusion. That is abusive of the population – let’s not start it in Tassie.

It Encourages Mental Illness

The suicide rate for transgender individuals is approximately 60 per cent not because of any fault in the ‘straight’ community, but because it is a mental illness. Removing gender from birth certificates will not help anyone but it will communicate to all future generations that there is no such thing as gender. This encourages gender confusion and identity malaise, which in turn leads to depression and anxiety and harms relationships.

It is unwise to make the whole of society unwell so that a handful of unwell people feel that they fit. By the reasoning recently displayed by the House of Assembly, we should encourage schizophrenia, paranoia and depression among the population so that those suffering from these illnesses feel normal.


It is Part of a Bigger Plan

These amendments are part of a sustained and systemic attack on human identity and a functioning society. The program is as follows:

  • Destroy gender identity
    • Homosexual marriage undermines the concept of motherhood and fatherhood as relevant and necessary to identity formation in children
    • Removing gender from birth certificates suggests that gender is not real
    • Teaching in schools that gender is a social construct – promoting ‘transgenderism’
    • Punishing people who believe in male and female as distinct and complimentary e.g. jail terms for using a non-preferred gender pronoun (California)
    • Allowing men to compete in womens sports supposedly as transgender athletes
    • Removing performance benchmarks to allow women to underperform in traditionally male roles e.g. emergency services and military
  • Undermine Fatherhood and Motherhood
    • Change ‘mothers day’ and ‘fathers day’ to ‘persons day’ or similar
    • Denigrate motherhood as inferior to paid employment
    • Pretend that there are no negative consequences to promiscuity
    • Do not hold men accountable to provide for their offspring
  • Destroy National Identity
    • Abolish or undermine national holidays – Australia Day, Easter, Christmas etc
    • Dilute the culture through mass immigration from non-Western countries
    • Outsource the national economy
    • Sell off national assets including land
    • Paint as racist any person/view that holds a positive view of Western Civilisation
    • Do not teach the history of Western Civilisation or portray it only from a radical Marxist perspective
    • Do not acknowledge the genuine achievements and positive benefits of Western Civilisation but focus only on its failings
    • Teach that every other culture on earth in inherently superior to ours, or at least equal, regardless of real world outcomes
    • Re-interpret history (e.g. Islam as a religion of peace not of war and slavery)
  • Destroy Racial Identity
    • Generate feelings of guilt and inferiority for being white
    • Teach that white people are responsible for everything that is wrong with the world
    • Teach that there is no such thing as race but exult every other race and culture
    • Teach that the West was never really white, or that there is something inherently wrong with a nation having a majority ethnic group or being ethnically homogenous
  • Undermine Belief in Truth and Reason
    • Teach that objective facts (such as gender and the need for women to reproduce) are less important than subjective feelings
    • Teach that reason is violence if it hurts someone’s feelings
    • Teach that truth becomes untruth if it contradicts progressive ideology
    • Suppress intellectual enquiry and debate in favour of vapid slogans and ideological statements across all policy domains
  • Abolish Organised Religion
    • Make the above program law
    • Punish anyone who dissents
    • Force closure of churches, religious schools and institutions of higher learning, and church based charities – find an excuse. Current excuses are policies around hiring people with compatible values and lifestyles which ipso facto discriminates against sexual perverts and radical Marxists

It is non-controversial that identity is foundational to mental health. If therefore we are concerned with mental health we must also be concerned with pushing back on the above agenda.

Short of war, there is no better or more certain way to increase mental illness, social breakdown, and human misery than to co-operate with the radical Left in rolling out this program…but then it is a war isn’t it? It’s a culture war and the casualties are real. These amendments are not progressive change, they are clinical calculated cultural vandalism.

The rest is up to you


Kind regards


  1. You've excelled yourself here Erik! Well done.

  2. Thank you. Plagerise and share, plagerise and share....its what every good preacher does!