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Monday, 28 January 2019

Australia Day Invasions

As the war on Western Civilisation grinds on, it is inevitable that Australia Day will bring talk of invasion. As far as I understand the argument is that White people invaded Australia, it is wrong to invade and colonise, so this was bad. Therefore either modern Australia should not exist or someone somewhere should levy a guilt tax on 'White Australia' and pay the proceeds to someone somewhere, based on a criteria invented by someone somewhere, and if you don't agree with this you are a bad person. Hhmmm....interesting.
Actually Australia Day is a good time to remember four invasions of this content. The first was by Aboriginal people who came from the North, burned the continent from top to bottom, fundamentally changed the ecology, contributed to the extinction of the mega fauna, fought each other over territory, and adapted their environment in ways we are only just beginning to comprehend.
The second invasion was by Great Britain who famously beat the French, Belgians, Spanish, and Dutch in the race to colonise Australia.
The third invasion was by Imperial Japanese forces who were stopped by three crucial battles off-shore. Let's for a moment reflect on how they would have treated white, black and yellow once they conquered and colonised the continent....
The fourth invasion is the strategic and targeted acquisition of key water, food, transport, and infrastructure assets by the Communist Government of the Peoples Republic of China. This is invasion by stealth, corrupting our universities, our politics, and our policies with big money via front companies, while buying the land from under our feet. Rather than squabble over what did or did not happen in 1788 we need to fight foreign ownership and unfair trade because the Sino invasion of Australia is happening right now.

Both major parties are clearly complicit in this invasion, the Left is actively supportive or indifferent, and the Greens, once a patriotic party (I know, I was there) are now globalist following their take-down by the radical Marxist Left.

There are only two parties worthy of mention that oppose the foreign take-down/take-over of Australia. On the Left they are Dick Smith's 'Sustainable Australia' party, and on the right the 'Australian Conservatives'. Having read the policies of both parties, and joined one, I encourage readers to consider voting for either next time around. Happy Australia Day.

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