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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Pell Conviction - where to from here?


I want to say a couple of words about Pell as gently as I can.
I know nothing about Pell but I have spent 20 years in the Justice system, I had the great misfortune to have to read (as a senior policy officer) the Commonwealth Government report into abuse of children in institutions, I was privy to the confidential report of a Royal Commission, I watched closely how the Anglican Community grasped the nettle on these issues, and some other bits and pieces some of which are not appropriate for social media. Paedophilia is a belief system - after all child/adult relationships were celebrated in Greco Roman culture and only became unacceptable because of Judeo/Christianity. Many Pedo's believe sincerely that it is loving and right and they look forward to the day when society will become enlightened again and celebrate their 'special love'. Sound familiar? In the mind of a Pedo' their sexual outlet is a legitimate reward for all the good they do in the church and in the community. That is why they can be exemplary churchmen (at least externally) and exemplary community members, police officers, judges, and movie stars, and loving husbands, and still abuse children. It is also why they strategically promote one another to positions of power. It is also why they are nearly always unrepentant when caught.

The Roman Catholic Church has for 40 years systemically and with malice protected pedo' clergy and bullied victims into silence. That is no reflection on Catholic people or the overwhelming majority of clergy. Nevertheless it was and is sustained institutional behaviour over multiple contents, numerous countries, done over decades. This involved seeking to frustrate police investigations by moving offending clergy between countries, and failing to keep, or destroying records.

Our Lord is gracious and long suffering but ultimately not mocked. The church has had 50 years to repent and not done so. Now judgement begins with the house of God. This is a great opportunity for reform which if missed will have terrible consequences. Yes, the secular anti-church will use this to destroy the church and then turn around and seek to legalise adult/child relationships themselves, but we need to look beyond that. How many 'good men' beat their wives, use pornography, and have extra-marital affairs? Accountability is the only cure. It is time forthose who love the church to hold it to account. There is just no other way.





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